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    April 22, 2013
    4:30 - 5:01am PDT  

>> good morning, kristen. a lot has happened in the week since two bombs went off at the boston marathon and investigators look at motive those are talking to one brother and looking to the other brother's past. >> a week after the boston marathon attack, a suspect is dead and the other is in the hospital. the search for answers continued. law enforcement officials tell abc7 news the 19-year-old suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev is awake but unable to speak because of a neck authorities that could be self inflicted. dzhokhar tsarnaev is in answering some questions in writing. authorities asked about potential accomplices and unexploded bombs. >> i am not convinced they were planning more attacks. we have to be vigilant. >> police captured him after a dramatic end to the manhunt the broader investigation has focused on his older brother, 26-year-old who died in a
shootout with police. last year he traveled overseas to russia and chechnya and linked to jihad videos online. some wonder why he fell ofhei. y questioned him two years ago. >> he got off the radar and traveled to the most dangerous parts of the world. >>the bombings left three dead and dogs injured. many are still in the hospital recovering. >> boston remembered the victims yesterday and prayed for healing. >> forgiveness does not mean we do not realize the heinousness of the crime. in our own hearts, we are unable to forgive, we make ourselves a victim of our own hatred. >> a moment of silence will be held this afternoon at 2:50 eastern the time when the first of two bombs went off a week
ago. kristen? >> before you go, a big focus is the overseas trip that the older brother took, the one to russia. what have we learned about that trip? >> that is something investigators are focusing on because it could have been a turning point and he spent six months overseas and his family has told us his father specifically, he said he did not spend time with religious radicals but they said he became more religious during that time praying five times a day. no real answers of what sparked the change. >> thank you. >> it is 4:32. 11-year-old aaron hern is still involving at boston children's hospital, the bay area boy injured by shrapnel. word spread fast that he was one of 170 injured. local merchants are helping the family with the medical bills.
mountain mike's pizza is donating 30 percent of the their sales where he lives. >> we have fought done the math, we will add it up soon. >> a family friend with aaron hern in worst says he is responding well to treatment and is in physical therapy but it is not cheer when he will be ready to leave the hospital and come home. >> in the wake of the boston bombings san francisco police chief is proposing setting up cameras at one of the key arteries. abc7 news reporter cornell bernard has news on that. >> good morning. san francisco already has security cameras in high-crime areas but in the wake of the boston bombings police chief is floating the idea of setting up security cameras along market street to monitor big events and parades. san francisco's gay pride parade is about two months away. it is one of the biggest events
hosted by the city. last october, hundreds of giants fans lined market street to cheer on the world champions after winning the world street. confetti o occupy protests as recently as last year shut down the streets and led to arrests. the chief says that he plans to suggest the camera idea at a future meeting in the wake of boston marathon bombings. lots of cameras on private buildings on market street but the chief would like much more including virtual bank security cameras to monitor big events and parades when they happen. cameras are not cheap and how they would be paid for remains to be seen. >> in the north bay a special run today will on the bombing
victims leaving from process common park in process where 2.62 mile run and runners are encouraged to wear yellow and blue the colors of the boston marathon and then there is an opportunity to share stories how they have been affected byh atho bombin thousands to part in a run yesterday through the presaid yes with a competitor who finished the marathon before the tragedy hit. scott witnessed the bombing aftermath and says he plans to run the boston marathon next year. stay with abc7 news for the latest details on the boston marathon bombings suspect and the company helping track down criminals like the bombers. >> a stretch of highway in 101 in san jose opened after a fatal accident. one person died in a solo vehicle crash southbound 101 last night.
highway patrol is trying to figure why it veered of the road and into a tree. the investigatorred blocked two lanes for two hours. >> there was gunman who left a 19-year-ol hospitalized i risonditionrdto the vallejo tims herald the shooting happened near valley vista avenue. police found the victim on the ground at least one house was hit by bullets. the shooter and another person were seen leaving the scene in a black two--door car. >> t ballgames are back on for the north vallejo little league after a shooting incident at a fields forced the cancellation. wednesday, an argument among t ball parents broke out and led to shots being fired. officials say that wasn't the first time shots have been fired near the young ballplayers but after a meeting yesterday the parents of involved agreed to withdraw so the season can resume. >> a big change is coming to
shoppers in san mateo county. plastic carry out bags are banned in a dozen cities and the unincorporated areas of the county. stores are required to stop providing the bags and shoppers are asked to carry reusable bags or pay ten cents for a paper bag applying to grocery and pharmacies but not restaurants. there are exceptions if produce, meats and prescription met which will still be using plastic. >> i have had a chance to use this on today, earth day. >> it is earth day. a lot of kids are out and about picking up liter so we have to join mike the. >> a great day to be outside but we will not be used to the warmth. there is strong sunshine.
people have been sneezing already in the newsroom to the allergies will be difficult to deal with. temperatures are in the 50's to near 60. that is two to seven degrees warmer than time yesterday. mid-50's at the coast and upper 50's to near 60 at 7:00. a mild morning. that is spring board to mid-70's to near 80 and at 4:00 we have upper 70's to mid-80's from the bay inland. that is when we will stop about any records that were set as far as the warm temperature and it will be warm this evening from upper 50's at the coast to upper 60's around the bay to mid-70's to upper 70's inland. today is the warmest day and it will be cooler, much cooler by thursday. we will look at clouds from the south along the coast tomorrow and that will help cool us off wednesday the sea breeze returns and you will notice it thursday when temperatures are 10- to 15-degrees cooler than today.
>> as you look at the drive on san mateo bridge coming from hayward to foster city the tail lights are moving westbound and looking clear out there when you get to the high-rise. on the foster city side it is moving along swiftly. we have construction to get you out the door headed to san jose, and southbound 101 between bailey road and coyote creek drive we have a couple of lanes blocked because of bathing work until 5:00 a.m. and as you take a jump to the east bay the drive along four, southbound on-ramp to the eastbound 4 is going to be shut down until 7:00 a.m. and slow for the cone zone. >> new technology is credited with helping track down the boston marathon bombings and the role a bay area company in making the search go faster. >> where a lot of money is going building the new 49ers stadium
in santa clara but first the america's money report. >> good morning, topping america's money, gas prices will continue to drop for another six weeks. y is likely for a gallon of regular unleaded. economists say crude oil prices and low consumption push the prices lower. online fundraising spases $1 million to help victims of the boston marathon bombings. there is help for individuals and couples and there is an effort to help one gentleman get a brand new boat. and tom cries raked in $38 million at the box office beating out "42." that is
covering fremont, palo alto, north bay and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> good morning at 4:42.
hope you had a great weekend. a look at the downtown area of san francisco ferry building from the exploritorium camera. there is heat wave gripping the bay area and we will check with mike on the forecast. >> the first detailed look at where the money is going for the 49ers new $ billion st the "san jose mercury news" reviewed monthly reports from the past year and the price tag so far is $368 million or $1 million a day. that includes $25 million for an electrical system that will allow 12,000 fans to simultaneously charge their cell phones, $62 million to install 16,000 lights, 5,500 firearms and 2,200 toilets and sinks and $12 million spent on developing
fees and consultants and planning, and of course marketing. >> a key part of the search for the boston bombers was the hours of video from cell phone and surveillance video along the route. how do police go through it so quickly? we have a look inside the bay area tech company that helps make it possible. >> in the wake of the bombing it highnition cameraon top of a department store that told investigators who they were looking for. in a secured facility they put it together with video from hundreds of other cameras to identify the suspects. it took days but a few years ago it could have taken months. >> back in the 2005 train bombings, it was reported there were thousands of investigators that watched video for weeks and weeks. look how fast they turned it around. >> al is the head of the san francisco company that funded by the c.i.a. >> this is a post 9/11-inspired
idea. >> they make facial recognition and object tracking software to find who you are looking for fast. >> we take color, size, shape, direction, speed, we do faces, demographics, we determine your age and gender and we can determine your mood, happy or unhappy. >> the engineer showed how it . you look if a certain car. >> red vehicle. i picked a direction of travel. >> the software comes through hours of ftage to show seven results. you can search for people by age. >> an example of a 20 to 25-year-old we found. >> when you find who you are looking for you can find where el they show up. >> powerful computers can stabilize shaky cell phone video and scan it with the surveillance video and with the cameras on the internet, the company has its eye on teaching computers to spot suspicious behavior and catch crime before it happens.
>> it is now 4:45. the golden state warriors hope to even up the playoff series, after opening the opening game and their all-star forward who is out for the remainder of the post-season with a torn right hip flexor. the injury kurd in the 4th quarter on saturday after a nasty spill and landed on his hip and tore the hip fler. he led the league during the regular season with 56 games where he scored points and rebounds in double digits so the warriors will is to work that much harder to make up for his absence on the court. hard to substitute for good rebounding. >> baseball, could not have been any nicer. to see buster's first run of the year is the icing. >> and it will be nice tonight because you will not be sitting in the hot sunshine. monday is the day we have been talking about when it will be
the warmest day in the forecast. you are looking at live doppler 7 hd and we are not picking up anything out there right now. it is bone dry. you can pick up allergies, it would be lit up with color this morning but no need to worry about any rain. we are looking down from mount 2,600'.s and san francisco and but the valleys will be near record warmth today. it will be clear and mild tonight 50's and 60's and after a warm day it will be kind warm tonight but if you can get the ones open you will find relief from the heat. cooling trend, and temperatures could be up to 20 degrees cooler by the time we get to friday. today, we are in the mid-80's to near 90 in the south bay with 90 if los gatos and deeper in the santa clara valley, 90 in gilroy and 87 in san jose. we will have low to upper 80's to palo alto and lotion altos
and millbrae at 79, and headed to the coast, it will be throw mid 60's and around deal city, 72, and 78 downtown and 80 in south san francisco and 80 in sausalito and mid-to-upper 88 through the north bay valley. we will have upper 70's hercules, richmond, berkeley, and the mid-80's for the rest of the we east bay sure. you head into the east bay valley driving around this weekend, going to volleyball matches and basketball games and track meets, notice how dry it is already if this area, that bodes well for getting up to near 90. at at&t park, one of the milder nights we have had and one without a breeze, 68 at first pitch down to 60. tonight the temperatures are in the 50's to near 60 in places like richmond and going from 51 in morgan hill. in the seven-day outlook, we
drop about three to five degrees on tuesday, again on wednesday, and look at the big drop on thursday into friday, when it could be 15 to 20 degrees cooler than today with no rain in the forecast. leyla gulen? >> a day to put the top down or car pool on this earth day. good morning, everyone, at 4:49 weave a look at the drive into central san rafael, and the southbound commute, the tail lights as they make it to 580, it is looking clear to the waldo tunnel to sausalito and across the golden gate bridge and now as we take it to our map, we do have a reported power outage. this is in gilroy. it could affect your traffic signals. if you see blinking intersection lights, consider that it is going to be a four-way stop so be considerate. as we look at the travel times, everything is moving along at top speeds. kristen and eric? >> new this morning, police are on the scene of a shooting that left five people dead near seattle. police got an emergencied call
and two people were wounded in the park lot of an farm complex. one reached for a weapon and officers were forced to shoot and kill. in the search of the complex another man was found ned an apartment and dead woman in another. no immediate word on what set off the gunfire. >> in india, a second man ir arh the rape of a five-year-old girl in new delhi. demonstrators have protested outside police headquarters angry over allegations that police ignored reports from the girl's parents she was missing. the suspects are accuses of raping and trying to kilt little girl. neighbors found her in a looked room if her building two daze after she disappeared. she is responding well to treatment and her condition is now stabilized. >> the new details about the texas fertilizer blast and what we new have learned about the victims. >> a major milestone reached this week in construction of san
francisco's central subway and why the real digging
>> welcome back. four more first responders have been identified among the dead from a fertilizer plant explosion in texas. ten of the 14 confirmed dead were emergency workers responding to the fire before the plant exploded on wednesday the 200 people were injured in the town of west. people filed into churches for memorial services. officials do not know the cause of the blast but it appears to be an accident. >> my any's project is picking up steam with two machines on way from china to air life this week taking crews four to six weeks to put together the 300' long machines and in june they will be dropped in a hole on 4th street where they will spend the next ten months digging toward north beach.
the $1.6 billion subway project will extend the subway from south of market to china town. >> the curtain is down for good in pleasant hill on monument boulevard closing last night after showing movies for the bfd to save the theater and pleaded it before city council but they have approved plans to demolish the theater. the property owners will replace it with a sporting goods stores. >> a strip mall area off the main is not in a good location for a theater. >> running gvd's these days? >> we will check with mike because the movie theater is a nice place to be when it is heating up in the valley. >> or hang out in the refrigeration section of the supermarket. what i used to do.
want to go shopping? heck yeah, mom, they have air conditioning. now the embarcardero this morning you can see it is very still and that is why we are going to warm so significantly with no free air conditioning coming from the ocean. that starts tomorrow. temperatures from 14 degrees warmer-than-average in san fr 20 degrees warmer liehit 90. pretty much around theta wi the same story with clouds to the south and they are coming our way tomorrow keeping san diego at 62 and los angeles at 71 and fresno is at 92, 88 in sacramento and 66 today in tahoe and 70 in monterey. look at that, 97 in palm springs. leyla gulen? >> sounds nice. that means the warm, beautiful weather, folks will head to the beach but the great highway still is closed and this is because of the sand on the roadway when it was windy. right now it is closed between lincoln way and that is until
further notice and we have this closure further to san bruno along the north access road to southbound 101 and that is ongoing shoulder work and i believe it is to repair some lights out there so that is going to be busy in the area and as we look at your drive, at the toll, you make the drive from oakland and on to e bay bridge is lacking clear out there and traffic is light on this monday morning. >> it is 4:5. officials with the palo alto unified school district will brief the public tomorrow on a new contract deal with the teachers union. the agreement gives the district 760 teachers, 3 percent raise retroactive to last july and provide a one-time bonus equal to 1.5 percent of their salary and they make up to $103,000 a year depending on experience and education. a similar agreement was hammered out with 520 classified union school employees who earn an
hourly rage. district officials take a final vote on the agreements may 7 if both unions ratify the pact. >> doctors wanting teens to stay away from a dangerous stunt called the cinnamon challenge calling for swallowing a without wat doctors say swallowing a lot of cinnamon can lead to breathing trouble and even collapsed lungs. 30 teens needed medical attention last year from this crazy stunt. >> still ahead, lots of questions this morning for the surviving brother in the boston marathon bombings. the challenge investigators face in communicating with him and how boston will mark the tragic attack a week ago today. >> plus, cutbacks to airport across the nation and local passengers could feel the impact. advocas town out for a giant
pot party in san francisco, the big they left behind and what it
>> from the kgo broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> happy monday! i am not sure those two words together fit. >> we can make it work especially with a weather forecast like this. >> nice and warm. here is mike. >> it will be warm today. hopefully this much as outside when it was almost warm. you can see from live doppler 7 hd how dry the air is. talk about the